Petrovački kulen

 Among the many specialities of the traditional * Slovak cuisine of Bački Petrovac, the spicy Petrovac sausage named klobasa has a special place.

 It has always been produced in the same way, without any additives and and preservatives, just hot paprika and salt. Only folk wisdom could create such a perfect lasting meat product in accorddance with all the standards of nutritious foods. The Petrovska klobasa came down from our ancestors, who moved to Petrovac in the mid-18th century. We take pride on our ancestors because they have turned Petrovac into the cultural centre of Slovaks in Vojvodina, which is characterized not only by theatre, literature and exhibitions, but also by the gem of the Slovaks’ ethnogastronomic tradition – the Petrovska klobasa, well-known worldwide. We have not yet met anyone who didn’t like it in this country or anywhere in the world, including Australia, Japan, Canada and America. This gem of Slovak ethnogastronomic tradition is produced in almost every household in Petrovac and is one of the favourite foods in the world. Therefore, it is high time we started appreciating what we have and what we produce – the high-quality product of this product and the growth of its popularity, thereby also preserving and protecting the traditional production process.